Thursday, December 27, 2012


50 Ways YOU Can Change the World - Small Steps for Making the World a Better Place [Kindle Edition] by Geralyn St. Joseph

I published my first Kindle book!

Go to for your download, regularly just $3.47!

Reviews are welcome and appreciated!

Let's get one thing straight - Every person is important.

It doesn't matter if you are living on the street or the president of the United
States. What you do and say can change the world. We are all part of a grander
scheme. We all have our own unique role to play in life. Like pebbles thrown
into a pond, every action has its effect. You can use your time here far more
effectively if you take the time to be aware.

Pay attention to the way other people affect you. Why does it annoy you so when
a car cuts in front of you and then slows down? Examine your own reactions to
what is happening around you. Become an objective observer and see if there's a
way to change your perspective on the situation. For instance, when that car
slowed down in front of you, did you notice the speed trap? We don't always see
why something happens, be grateful for it anyway.

But what can I do? Stop whining and acting as if life is happening to you for
starters... Yeah, I said it. Stop making excuses and start changing the world!

Go to to get your copy of 
50 Ways YOU Can Change the World - Small Steps for Making the World a Better Place

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